Oneflare Credits


Oneflare Credits is a simple payment solution that gives you more freedom to quote on the jobs you want, when you want them.

To quote on leads, contact the customer and have the opportunity to win work you must purchase and spend credits on our platform. When you’ve run out of credits and you go to quote on a new lead you will be prompted to top up your credit balance.

You can also top up the credits on your account in a number of ways this includes:

  • Auto Top-up
  • Manual Top-up  


Manual Top-up

You can select 'Manual Top-up' and choose the relevant pack or you can select 'Pay for this quote only' to just purchase enough credits to cover the individual lead.

If you don’t quote often this is always a great option to ensure you don’t risk purchasing a large pack and have the credits expire before you get to them. 


Auto Top-up

We understand time is the essence of getting your quote in and having the best chance to win work so we implemented the Auto Top-up feature to make for a more efficient way to quote.

Effectively this feature will add credits to your account whenever you need more to quote on that next juicy lead.  And best of all you can control the amount it will top you up and when!

All you have to do is select a pack you want to purchase each time and select a threshold amount (you can leave it at 0 if you prefer).  When you get to your threshold amount, the next time you quote on a job your account will be automatically topped up with the chosen pack.  This means that you will be able to accept and quote on leads quickly without the delay of manually topping up your account. 

Auto Top-up is completely under your control, so you can disable this at any time via your Account Settings under the Billing tab. You will also have the option to switch it on during the payment screen when quoting on leads


How are Credit packs priced?

We like to keep it simple when it comes to currency on Oneflare, 1 credit = $1.00 so if you’re purchasing a 50 credit pack, that’s the equivalent of $50.00 and how much you will be spending on that pack.

All purchased credits have an expiry date to encourage businesses to use their credits, this will be stated before you top up a new pack.

  • Credits are priced the same for everyone and we offer Credit packs in 20, 50, 100 and 200 packs to suit your business needs:



Credits purchased through our iOS App are priced differently, reflecting the additional fees on transactions made through the Apple iTunes Store.


How are my leads priced?

We use a system we call dynamic pricing to determine the cost of your leads.  This lets us tailor our lead prices across hundreds of categories and locations to suit the job.  

To do this we take into consideration many variables including:

  • Demand
  • Location
  • Job attributes

We use dynamic pricing as we find this is the fairest way to ensure our cost to quote is reasonable and all businesses get a chance to quote on leads no matter what their budget is.

This may mean you will see similar leads costing different amounts, a lead may be priced higher if there is a lot of demand or it’s a bigger job. It may be priced lower if it is further away this is to encourage businesses to really consider whether or not they are available and provide all businesses with a chance to get their quote in before the job closes.

If you ever have concerns or queries regarding the cost of credits, topping up or anything else that isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team!


How can I check my Credit balance?

  • Your Credit balance will be displayed at the top of every page in your account, on the right-hand side next to your name:



  • Your Credit balance will also be displayed before you submit each quote, on the ‘Save and Preview' screen.

  • Alternatively, you can check your Credit balance at any time in your ‘Account Settings’. Just click onto ‘Billing’ to view the balance - your Credit History will show how many Credits you spent on recent quotes.




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