How do I send a quote?



Your 'Leads' tab contains a list of all your open job requests, along with the information required for you to make an informed decision about proceeding to quote or not. This information includes the cost of the quote, how many other businesses have already quoted and when the job was first posted. 

TIP: Before you quote, check to see if the customer has verified their contact details. A green 'Verified' label will appear next to your customer's mobile phone and/or email address. 

Found a job request that's right for you? Great! To get started: 

  1. Open your 'Leads' tab and start by selecting the job request you wish to quote on.

  2. Prepare a professional quote by including at least one of the following options:
    • Cost estimate: You can opt to provide a flat fee or an hourly fee (incl. GST) based on your estimated hours. You can also indicate if materials are included in the cost estimate. Remember, this is just an estimate so don't feel pressured to provide an exact figure without knowing the specifics.
    • Site inspection request: For larger jobs, you can request a site inspection to get a better idea of the price and time required to complete the job. Selecting this option will automatically advise your potential customer that you will be in touch to arrange an inspection and that your cost estimate is not final until then.
    • More information request: For complicated jobs, you can request more information about the job at hand. Selecting this option will automatically advise your potential customer that you will be in touch to get more detail from them before providing a cost estimate.
    • Additional comments: Customers appreciate information specific to their job request. If you have anything else to add, such as questions or comments about your quote, please do so here.

  3. Once you've chosen the relevant options to include in your quote, we’ll combine everything into a professional message written on your behalf to help your quote stand out. You can, of course, also edit the message yourself. From here you can either 'Save as draft' or 'Continue to payment'. To return to your drafts, simply navigate to your 'Leads' tab > 'Drafts' > Select the job request > Select 'Continue' or 'Forget this quote'.

  4. Ready to send your quote? Select 'Continue to payment' and follow the prompts.

  5. Upon sending your quote, we will reveal your customer's details to you and all further correspondence can be managed directly from your 'Inbox' tab. Find out how and when you should contact your customer here, and make sure your profile is looking top-notch!

Looking to leave yourself an internal note? Head to your 'Inbox' tab, select the job you wish to comment on, and in the side panel select '+ Add a private note'. Don't worry, this is for your eyes only!


Sending detailed quotes via the app is just as quick and easy.

If you haven't already, make sure to download the latest version of our app: 

As you would on your desktop, start by selecting an available lead and use the toggles to choose what information to include in your quote. Once you're happy with the message, send it through to your customer and make sure you follow up

Have questions? Contact us on 1300 138 827 or via 


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