How do I ignore a lead?


While we aim to provide you with leads you want, based on your preferred service type/s and service area/s, we recognise that sometimes you may not wish to quote on all incoming leads.

Remember, viewing leads on Oneflare is free and anonymous. See something that you're not interested or unable to respond to? No worries. To ignore a job, simply:


  1. Navigate to your 'Lead's tab
  2. Select the lead you wish to ignore
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select 'Ignore this job'
  4. Provide a reason for ignoring the leadProvide_a_reason.png
  5. Confirm your request Screen_Shot_2020-05-18_at_16.34.51.png


  1. Navigate to your 'Lead's tab and select the lead you wish to ignore
  2. Slide the lead from right to left to ignore 

When ignoring a lead on your desktop, we ask that you provide a reason for why you ignored the job so we can better optimise the leads we send you. Reasons may include:

  • Value of the job is too low/high
  • Location of the job is too far
  • You don't service this job request
  • There isn't enough information 
  • You are unavailable on the requested date

And before you ask, no your customer won't know that you have ignored their job request! So go on, let's start quoting.

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