Following up on your quotes


Following up on your quote is an easy way to let your customers know you are interested and increases your chances of winning the job. Our top businesses follow up immediately to get the conversation started, while the customer is still online.

It’s simple to follow up on a customer’s quote:

  1. Go to your Quotes tab
  2. Click onto the customer’s job
  3. Click on the Job tab to see the customer phone number. If you can only see a few digits of the number, just click on the digits and the full phone number will appear.

Alternatively, you can send customers a message via the Oneflare messaging system. This message will go straight to their email address. Include your contact name and number and request them to get in touch with you to have a chat about their job.

If you don’t hear back from the customer in a couple of days, send a follow-up message. Making a habit to follow up on every quote you send will increase your chances of winning more work!

If a customer has not seen your quote after 7 days, you can request a follow up for your quote. The Oneflare Support Team can provide businesses with quote returns on a case by case basis. Quote returns are not redeemable in cash but can be used on another open job request.

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