Is this business right for me?


While there’s no hard and fast rule in choosing the right expert, there are several elements of a business profile to help you find someone reliable.  It's up to you to determine if the business is the right one, but here are some things to look out for:

  • Verified Icon: Businesses with the Verified Icon have verified both the personal identity of their primary user, as well as their business details via the Australian Business Register. All documentation provided by the service provider is reviewed by our team before the service provider qualifies for a Verified icon so we always suggest looking out for this when making your next hiring decision!
  • Reviews: Genuine customer reviews and ratings will give you an indication of the service and the nature of the business. If you come across a business with negative reviews we always suggest taking into consideration the feedback provided as well as the business's response.

A business' response to criticism is always the best way to tell you are dealing with a professional and knowledgeable business. The most reliable businesses are always able to take on a variety of feedback and strive to improve their services!

  • Photos of past work: Look out for an image gallery on a business’ profile, otherwise ask the business to send you some examples of past work to hire with confidence. If the business completes work for you, consider taking photos of their work and sending it through to them. They can add the photos to their profile and continue to build trust on our platform. This also gives potential customers an idea of what to expect if they hire the business.

  • Featured badge: When a business has a featured badge on their profile, this means they are a Premium Oneflare Business, they’ve committed to growing their business with our platform and want to provide a professional, high-quality service to the Oneflare community.

  • New to Oneflare badge: Whilst it may seem daunting at times to hire a newly
    registered business on our platform, we always suggest giving the new service providers a chance as they may be willing to go that extra mile to ensure they’re re-hired.

New businesses on Oneflare are always looking forward to gaining great reviews and experience within our community and may be willing to provide top-notch service and create a great name for themselves on our site. You can always ask the business for extra information regarding their qualifications and insurance details if they haven’t had a chance to add them to their profile yet, and even ask if they have online reviews for you to check out.

When you’re considering who to hire make sure to do some extra research on the business as well, this may mean double-checking that their licences/qualifications/insurance are all active and valid. Most Government agencies have their own licence search application on their websites so you can take some time to search the business's licence number, make sure it’s active and check for any relevant restrictions.

Peace of mind and trust in who you’re hiring is something Oneflare really encourages before the work begins so don’t hesitate to ask for a written agreement. Where appropriate it’s best to get a written contract between yourself and the business made up, especially for bigger jobs and especially if payment is made in cash or upfront.

At Oneflare, we have a lot of multi-talented businesses that are willing to travel far and wide for their customers. So, if you receive a quote from a business that is a little far from your location or isn't specifically in the category of service you requested - there is always a good reason behind this.

Keep in mind, businesses pay to quote on your job - they've received the details of your request and have determined that they're suitable to complete the work. You wouldn't have received that quote if they couldn't help you with your job, so have a chat with the businesses and see if they can assist!

When you’re ready, hop back into your account, open up your job request and click "Hire business" for the business you've chosen. By noting which business you select, you can share feedback and give credit where it's due - you'll also be notifying the other businesses that they were unsuccessful.

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