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On Oneflare, it's free to submit a job request and receive quotes. We believe there’s an expert out there that’s the right fit for your needs and we'll connect you with up to three interested businesses who'll respond with a quote- then it’s over to you to select the right expert.

Only those who respond to your request with a quote will have the opportunity to contact you directly. We do not share your contact details with other businesses so you can invest time choosing the right expert.

The quotes you receive can vary depending on the category of work or the type of business that responds. A quote does not always include a competitive price but each response will provide one or more of the following:

  • Cost estimate: Businesses can provide a flat cost estimate based on the details of the job or include an estimate based on their hourly rate and the amount of time they predict your job will require.
  • Site inspection request: Businesses that require a site visit can respond to you job by asking to arrange a time to see your job or site before providing an accurate cost.
  • More Information Needed: When more detailed information about the job is required to give an accurate price, a business may ask specific questions before providing a price.
  • Extra details: Businesses may respond with extra details about their business, quote or service.

If you require any clarification about a quote you receive, don’t hesitate to call or message the business directly. We also encourage businesses to get in touch after you’ve had a chance to review the details of the job.

Finding the right expert requires more than a competitive price so we recommend visiting a businesses’ Oneflare profile to get to know the type of work they do and the experience of past customers.

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