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Here at Oneflare, we love hearing about the experiences you have with the businesses you hire on our platform.

In fact, writing an honest review on the business' public profile is a great way to show future customers the standard of work they might expect. Satisfied, unsatisied? We want you to be 100% genuine when leaving your feedback as it helps and the business in question learn how to improve.

To keep your review as relevant and accurate as possible, and to ensure we're able to post it publicly,  please follow these guidelines:


  • Only leave a review if you are a paying customer of the business in question. That is, your comments must be about your first-hand experience with the business you transacted with.
    • In most cases, in order to prove that your negative review is genuine, you will need to provide an invoice as evidence.
    • Exceptions may include:
      • Site inspections that are completed, or not completed, due to extenuating circumstances
      • Scheduled jobs that are not completed due to extenuating circumstances
      • Scheduled jobs completed in an unsatisfactory manner, resulting in payment being disputed/withheld
  • Be clear, objective and detailed in expressing your honest opinion
    • Please add as much detail as possible to your review. In fact, the more details the better! At the very least, be sure to recount the main reasons you were satisfied or unsatisfied with the work completed.
  • Check your review for spelling and grammar. This gives your review more credibility and helps communicate your experience in a clear and concise manner.
  • Include any special treatment, freebies or discounts you received or are expecting to receive
  • Include your first name as we do not allow anonymous reviews
  • Keep it relevant and recent. Only review businesses that you have used within the last 12 months to ensure the memories of your experience are clear.


  • Use offensive, vilifying, discriminatory or abusive language. This will not be tolerated and we will be unable to post your review. 
  • Exaggerate the facts, use generalisations or leave inflammatory remarks. 
    • Remain objective and remember, doing so will allow you to come across as a credible reviewer. After all, you want other customers to draw their own conclusions based on the facts you provide.
  • Single out individuals with negative remarks. Remember, you’re reviewing the business and the service provided overall - not the employee who carried out the work. While we don't discourage negative comments or low ratings, we do ask that you refrain from singling out individuals unless it relates to a positive remark. 
  • Advertise, spam or mention other business/website names in your review. Have someone else to review? We encourage you to leave a separate comment on the relevant profile if you're a paying customer. 

Fake Reviews

Fake reviews, whether positive or negative, will not be tolerated on Oneflare and we reserve the right to take action against the offending party through:

  • Removal of account access
  • Retracting the offending content
  • Locking the listing to any future submissions
  • Taking further action through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

This includes, but is not limited to, submitting fake negative reviews to competitors and/or submitting fake positive reviews for your own business. 

Reporting Suspicious Reviews

Read a review that seems suspicious, incorrect, offensive or in some way inappropriate? Please get in touch with our Support Team on 1300 138 827 or via  We will investigate and either verify the review, have the customer edit the review, or remove the review if necessary.

Oneflare will not, however, investigate reviews that are more than 6 months old.

Have questions? Contact us on 1300 138 827 or via 

*Oneflare reserves the right to make a judgment on the removal of reviews. Once made, this judgement is final.

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