You can expect to receive notifications by email or SMS as soon as a relevant job lead is available, when a customer has seen your quote, responds to your quote or chooses to hire your business!

Whenever there’s a new or unread message, keep an eye out for a notification on top of the ‘Quotes’ section so you can stay connected with your customers.

Visit the ‘Notifications’ space in your ‘Account Settings’ to specify how or when you’d like to hear from us.

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    Oneflare Administrator

    The Oneflare for Business app is the easiest way to get notified instantly of relevant jobs and to craft professional quotes. Specify how and when you’d like to receive notifications for new leads in the notifications page of your settings tab.

    The default notification setting for your business should have an activated mobile, email or SMS icon so simply tap to turn off a type of alert or to specify the times you’re willing to be reached via SMS.

    The best way to ensure your business hears about job updates and new leads as soon as possible is to check the notifications area of your phone and allow the Oneflare for business app to send you instant updates.

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