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We understand that it can get tough juggling everyday tasks. If you’re no longer going ahead with the job, you can cancel your request by:

1. Logging into your Oneflare account. Head to the ‘My Jobs’ tab and select the relevant request.



2. Scroll down until you see the ‘CLOSE THIS JOB’.



3. Select the correct reason for the cancellation of your request and click ‘SUBMIT’.




If you're unsure of which cancellation reason suits you here is a brief overview of what each one means:

  • I’m not ready to hire a business right now: putting off the job for now but will be hiring in the near future.

  • I’m still in the planning/budgeting phase: currently working out the details of the work that needs to be completed and will reach out to the businesses soon to confirm who they’re hiring. When this cancellation reason is selected, the businesses can still access your contact details so you can stay in touch for when you are ready.

  • I found someone else to do the job: hired someone outside of the Oneflare platform*

  • I’m not happy with the quotes I received: if you weren’t happy with the quotes you received from Oneflare you can cancel for this reason or reopen the job.
  • I changed my mind, not going to do the job at all: you aren’t looking to hire at all or any time soon or the job is cancelled indefinitely.

*if a friend or family member is doing the job for free please cancel the job as “I changed my mind, not going to do the job at all” as this will return the credits to the businesses.

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