I've sent my quote. When should I contact the customer?


Top-performing businesses often suggest getting in touch with your customer immediately after sending through your quote to confirm its receipt. An SMS, a direct message via your Inbox or a quick phone call can mean the difference between getting hired and missing out to your competition. 

To follow up with your customer:

  1. Navigate to your 'Inbox'
  2. Click onto the customer's name to view the job details and the customer's contact details. 
  3. From here you have the option to:
    • SMS or call them directly by clicking on the mobile number snippet
    • Email them using the provided email address; or 
    • Direct message them straight from your Inbox

Our highest-performing businesses are known to use all of these available means to connect with their customers. Customer unresponsive? Our Featured Listing businesses have the exclusive ability to request a refund if they're unable to get in touch. 

There is, however, a fine line between following up and being obtrusive.

Customers who work office hours or balance other commitments may actually prefer to be contacted during specific times. We ask that you respect your customer’s requested contact hours and only reach out during the specified timeframe. If however, your customer hasn't specified their availability, feel free to get in touch during reasonable hours of the day. 

Have questions? Contact us on 1300 138 827 or via support@oneflare.com.au 

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