Managing quotes


Keep up-to-date with your jobs and manage quotes efficiently with the tabs accessible in the ‘Quotes’ section of your account. The different tabs include:

  1. All Quotes: The status of every sent quote is kept in the ‘All Quotes’ tab.
  2. Won: When a customer chooses your business for the job, the quote will be stored in the ‘Won’ column so you can keep a record of your winning streak. If you prefer to mark a job as won on behalf of the customer, we’ll confirm with the customer before moving the quote to the ‘won’ tab.
  3. Seen: As soon as a quote is viewed by the customer, it will appear in this tab so you can easily identify the jobs that are ready to be followed up.
  4. Not Seen: Quotes that are yet to be seen by the customer will be listed here until they are either ‘Seen’ or ‘Archived’.
  5. Archived: In the instance when your business is unsuccessful or a job has long passed, clear out your collection and organise your dashboard by archiving a quote. When you choose to archive a quote, the details will be moved from the ‘All Quotes’ tab to the ‘Archived’ tab, where the details will remain accessible at any time.

When you select a quote in any of the tabs, a history of your conversation with the customer will appear on the right so you can recall the job details or revisit a summary of your quote in one convenient location.


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    Oneflare Administrator

    Keep up-to-date with jobs in the ‘Quotes’ section where each quote will be updated with the status of each job.

    Share the great news when your business wins a job by swiping right on any active quote. We’ll confirm the details with the customer and update the job as ‘won’. On the other hand, if you haven’t heard back from a customer or an unsuccessful job has long passed, clear out your list by swiping left to archive a quote and make new quotes easier to spot. When you archive an outdated or unseen quote, the job will move to the ‘Archived’ tab but the details will still be accessible at any time so you can review or resume quoting on open jobs at a later stage.

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