How can I leave a complaint against a business?


Whilst we pride ourselves on having professional and qualified businesses on Oneflare, sometimes things don't go as planned.

To be clear, although Oneflare plays no role in the method of selection by the customer and accepts no liability for the businesses' invoices, costs, and job outcomes, we consider a dispute to be of high priority and are happy to work towards the desired resolution between both parties. 

Unsatisfied with the service provided by a business you hired on Oneflare? Let's see what we can do! Kindly reach out to our friendly Support Team at your earliest convenience on 1300 138 827 so we can discuss your options. We will take note of the complaint and will likely ask for more details to assist us in our investigation. You may, for example, be asked to provide evidence of communication, invoices, photos, etc.

Oneflare will seek to speak with both the customer and the business in question regarding the issue in order to fully understand the complaint. From here, we will be more than happy to attempt to facilitate the desired resolution by communicating with the business on your behalf.

Oneflare is not, however, a legal authority and cannot demand refunds or resolutions from the business itself. If a complaint cannot be resolved between yourself and the business, you may choose to either seek legal advice or lodge a complaint directly via our state's Fair Trading office or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

If you have concerns about a business you have hired, please contact us on 1300 138 827 or via

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