How to Request A Customer Follow Up


We know that making contact after sending a quote is the best way to win business. We also know how frustrating and time-consuming unresponsive customers are to your business.

We want to make sure your hard-earned credits are spent on receiving meaningful interactions with customers and minimising the time you spend following up unresponsive customers.

Here's how it works:



How to Request a Customer Follow Up? 

1. Navigate to Quotes Dashboard and select the quote for consideration



2. Navigate to the Options Menu



3. Select "Request Follow Up". We will be in touch within 48 hours with an outcome of your request.



Frequently Asked Questions

When can I submit a customer follow up?

Anytime within 72 hours of sending your quote to the customer.


What happens once I submit a customer follow up?

Once you submit a request, our support team will verify if the customer is still unresponsive. You will be notified of the outcome via email, SMS and push notification within two business days.


What happens if my request is successful?

If your follow up request is successful, the quoting credits will be returned to your account for use within seven days.


What happens if my request is unsuccessful?

If your follow up request is unsuccessful, we suggest that you try to get in touch with the customer again to discuss the outcome of your quote.


Can I submit a follow-up request if I have already been in touch with a customer?

We want to ensure that you have a genuine interaction with every paid quote, so if you've already been in touch with the customer, a follow-up request cannot be requested.


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