Why can't I locate the Refund Request Feature?


The Refund Request Feature is exclusively available to Featured Listing businesses who come across unresponsive customers after they've sent their quote.

If you cannot locate the Refund Request button, you may fall into one of the following cases: 

  • You are not a Featured Listing business
  • Your quote was free. To check this, navigate to Menu > Account Settings > Quote Activity
  • Your quote is older than 72 hours. If you're a Featured Listing business, you can only request a refund within 72 hours of submitting your quote.
  • You have not clicked on and revealed your customer's contact number. To get in touch, you'll need to see all 10 digits of their phone number.
  • The customer has directly messaged you via their Inbox
  • The customer has since updated their job request. This may involve them:
    • Declining your quote
    • Cancelling the job request
    • Re-opening the job request; or
    • Hiring another business - either within Oneflare or outside of Oneflare.

Find out more on when you can and can't use the Refund Request Feature here.

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