If you ever have trouble with the site not functioning properly (e.g. buttons don’t work, unable to reveal contact numbers, unable to post a review) this may be because you are accessing Oneflare using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Our site sometimes has compatibility issues with those browsers so its best to use Oneflare via our smartphone app or just open our site with Google Chrome or Firefox.

The best way to use Oneflare is through our App which you can download via the Apple Store or Google Play store:

Oneflare for Business

Oneflare customer app

There are also a couple of extra steps you can take to resolve any issues you may be having on the platform:

  • Refresh your browser or use an alternative browser like Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Enable cookies for Oneflare
  • Enable cookies on your browser

If you are not receiving Oneflare emails there are a few different steps you can take to resolve this issue yourself: 

If you are still having trouble with the site, please reach out to our Support Team via or call 1300 138 827.

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