In which situations can I use the Refund Request Feature?


Featured Listing businesses have exclusive access to the Refund Request Feature which gives them the peace of mind knowing that their Quoting Credits never go to waste. 

There are, however, clearly defined situations in which Featured Listing businesses can and can't use the Refund Request Feature. Let's explore. 

When should I use the Refund Request Feature?

You should only use the Refund Request button if you have exhausted every possible way of contacting your customer and they remain completely unresponsive. Find out how and when you should contact your customer after sending your quote here. Customers are unresponsive if:

  • They fail to answer your calls, SMS, emails or direct messages; or
  • Their contact number is incorrect or disconnected

Remember, Featured Listing businesses must request a refund within 72 hours of submitting their quote. To find out more on how to do this, click here. Once you've requested a refund, there is no need to follow up with our Support Team.

  • If the customer is found to be unresponsive, your credit refund will be marked 'successful' and your credit refunds will be applied to your account automatically.
  • If the customer is found to be responsive, genuine and actively engaged with their account, your credit refund will be marked 'unsuccessful'. Find out more here.

TIP: Before quoting on a lead, make sure to check if your customer's contact details are verified. A green 'Verified' label will appear next to their mobile number and/or email address.  Oneflare does not follow up on leads with disconnected or incorrect mobile numbers unless you are Featured Listing business.

When shouldn't I use the Refund Request button?

You shouldn't use the Refund Request button if you have:

  • Already spoken directly with the customer;
  • Already won the job; or 
  • Received a direct message, SMS or email from the customer

There are, of course, a few other situations in which you may be eligible for a refund request however they do not warrant the use of the Refund Request button. These include circumstances where:

  • The customer decides they no longer wish to go ahead with the job
  • The job details are incorrect. For example, the location was wrong or the job doesn't align with what was initially advertised
  • The customer is a job seeker and isn’t looking to hire at all

In these situations, you may wish to contact our Support Team on 1300 138 827 or via can attempt to confirm the details with the customer directly and you may be eligible for a credit return.

Refund Requests are at the discretion of Oneflare. Using the Refund Request button for anything outside of the abovementioned reasons can result in your access to this feature being revoked in line with our Terms & Conditions.


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