What are the different labels on my jobs?


As you go about your time quoting on the Oneflare platform, you may have noticed various labels appear next to each lead in your 'Inbox'. Let's take a look at what each label means: 

Marked as won

You have either connected with the customer (via phone call, SMS, email or direct message through Oneflare) or the customer has at least seen your quote in their Inbox.

To mark a job as won, select the job from your Inbox > Select settings in the top right corner (3 dots) > Select 'Mark as won'. Can't locate this option? Look for the two tick marks in your last message to your customer:

  • Two green ticks indicate that your customer has seen your last message
  • Two grey ticks indicate that your customer is yet to view your last message. If this is the case, you are unable to mark a job as won.

Note: Marking a job as won does not lock a customer in with your quote. They are still able to request quotes from other businesses. A job is only locked in when the customer marks a job as won from their side. See 'Won' below. 


The customer has accepted your quote and decided to hire your business for the job. 


The customer is either no longer going ahead with their job request, or they are currently in the planning/budgeting phase and are yet to make a hiring decision.


The customer has either hired another business or they have determined that your quote was not suitable for their job request.

Refund requested

Featured Listing businesses have the exclusive ability to request a refund on a job within 72 hours of submitting their quote. They have made every attempt to contact their unresponsive customer and have requested a refund of their Quoting Credits. To find out more on the Refund Request Feature and how it works, click here.

Not sure when you can and can't request a refund? Click here.

Refund rejected

There are a few situations in which a Featured Listing business may be unsuccessful with their refund request. Find out more on why your quoting credit refund quest has been rejected.


If a Featured Listing business has requested a refund of their quoting credits on a job where they have been unable to get in touch with their customer, Oneflare will automatically return their credits to their account. 

If you are notFeatured Listing business and do not have access to the Refund Request Feature, there are some situations in which you may still be eligible for a credit refund. Find out more here

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