What does the customer expect?


Sometimes it's hard to know exactly the customer expects to be included in their clean. That's why we've made a checklist so that everyone is on the same page! There is a big difference between an average cleaner and a Oneflare certified cleaner. Follow the checklist below with extra attention to detail to make sure you are rated 5 stars every time!

All rooms

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Vacuum and mop all accessible floors
  • Empty visible garbage bins
  • Mirrors cleaned and polished


  • Clean benchtop and splashback
  • Clean stovetop
  • Clean over exterior
  • Clean and polish sink and taps
  • Clean exterior of microwave

Living & bedrooms

  • Dust furniture (bedheads, side tables, chairs)
  • Dust electronic devices (such as TV)
  • Tidy beds

Bathroom & laundry

  • Clean tiles and shower screen
  • Clean and sanitise toilet
  • Clean and sanitise bath and sink
  • Clean and polish sink and taps
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