I’ve been activated. Can I just start quoting?


You can...but without a knockout business profile, your chances of winning work on Oneflare will be quite low. In fact, completed profiles on average win up to 230% more work with Oneflare!

So before you get started with quoting, put your best foot forward by ensuring your business profile is complete and most importantly, is regularly kept up to date. Think of your profile as your storefront or online homepage.  It’s often the first point of contact for your potential customers, so it’s important to invest some time into building up your profile rating.

After all, customers look for credible businesses to hire and a complete profile will often help them make an informed hiring decision. Distinguish yourself from your competitors and give your customers peace of mind knowing they’re in the right hands.  

Ready to improve, update and complete your profile? Find out how here.

Have questions? Contact us on 1300 138 827 or via support@oneflare.com.au 

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