How can I top up my Quoting Credits?


If you do not have enough credits to purchase a lead, you have the option to automatically or manually top up your credit balance.

Auto Top-Up

Choose a Quoting Credit Pack then set and forget with Auto Top-Up, the most efficient way to quote on Oneflare.

Once Auto Top-up is enabled, we will automatically add credits to your account when you've reached your threshold amount. The threshold amount is the minimum number of credits you wish to have in your account before the next Auto Top-Up is triggered. By default, we set your threshold amount to '0' however if you're looking to edit this number, you can do so via Menu > Account Settings > Billing > Threshold Amount.

With Auto Top-Up, you can focus on quoting and winning jobs without interruption!

Note: Businesses that have Auto quoting enabled must also have Auto Top-Up enabled.

Manual Top-up

Prefer to have complete control over your Quoting Credit Packs? You can choose to top up manually once you've run out of Quoting Credits by selecting the right Quoting Credit Pack for you and paying as you go. 

You will be prompted to manually top up your balance if you try to purchase a lead without enough Quoting Credits.

Find yourself topping up credits frequently and looking to save? Chat with a Business Solutions Consultant today on 1300 441 593 about a Oneflare Plan that suits your business.


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