What happens if my Refund Request is unsuccessful?


Featured Listing businesses have exclusive access to the Refund Request Feature which gives them the peace of mind knowing that their Quoting Credits never go to waste. 

A Refund Request is typically deemed unsuccessful where Oneflare determines that the customer in question is genuine and they have actively engaged with their account. Active account engagement may involve: 

  • Declining your quote
  • Cancelling the job request
  • Re-opening the job request
  • Messaging via the Oneflare messaging system
  • Hiring another business (within or outside of Oneflare) or 
  • Speaking to our Support Team

If your refund request was unsuccessful, it's still an opportune time to reach out to your customer and pick up the conversation as they have been deemed responsive and actively engaged. Your credit refund, in this case, will not proceed. 

Unsure when to use the Refund Request Feature? Let's take a look here.


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