What is a business profile?


Your business profile is where you store all the information relevant about your business. Once updated and saved, these details are then displayed on your public profile for customers to view and compare with other profiles.

Business details:
This section of your profile contains your general business information, including your business name, logo, ABN, contact details, opening hours, website link and other information customers find important.

This section of your profile houses all your professional credentials such as your insurance details, trade licences and certificates. Displaying additional qualifications can help increase your chances of getting hired when customers are comparing you with your competitors.

Documents uploaded to your credentials page are reviewed by Oneflare. Once approved, they are displayed on your public profile. If you are having trouble uploading a document or having it approved,  please contact our Support Team on 1300 138 827 or via support@oneflare.com.au

Image gallery:
Adding images to your profile creates trust between you and your customers, helping them put a face to a name. If you can’t display photos of your work, upload images of your team, awards or office. Once uploaded, you can edit, reorder and add captions to your images.

Frequently asked questions:
These are a great tool to help customers better understand your service offering, what makes you special and how your company operates. Display them on your public profile by answering any of the 15 frequently asked question options.

Profile analytics:
Profile analytics allow you to keep track of your business’ performance on the Oneflare directory. We give you easy access to the following information directly from your profile:

  • Directory impressions: Number of times your business listing has appeared on the directory for any category or suburb
  • Profile views: Number of times your business profile has been viewed
  • Contact clicks: Number of clicks on your landline and/or mobile number

Have questions? Contact us on 1300 138 827 or via support@oneflare.com.au.

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