What's the Genuine Customer Guarantee?


At Oneflare, we’re confident that our customers are worth quoting for. So much so that we’ve introduced our Genuine Customer Guarantee, an Australian-first commitment to connecting you with real customers looking for real jobs to be done.

Put simply, we want to help local businesses avoid chasing the time wasters and dreamers so they can focus on winning real, valuable work.

The Genuine Customer Guarantee provides you with the ability to request a credit refund when a customer has not interacted with their job and has not responded to your quote.

A job interaction is defined as any of the following actions:

  • The customer responded to a quote on their job via inbox
  • The customer hired another Oneflare business for the job
  • The customer declined a quote on their job
  • The customer decided to complete the job elsewhere
  • The customer contacted another Oneflare business
  • The customer requested more quotes on their job
  • Another business confirmed the job as won

This functionality is available exclusively to businesses on an active Credit Plan. Call 1300 441 593 to find out more.

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