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How can I leave a complaint against a business?


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  • Kristina Nelson

    I got Big Double D Transport to move my furniture from Moore Park Beach to Gympie. I got him to move my items. First if all, he said that he’d have a truck and a Ute. He did it have the Ute. Second, he’d picked up a backload (from another customer) and put it with my load, which lead to not having enough room in the truck for ALL of my items.
    He asked for a deposit (which I’d paid), after the load was 85% done ( as he didn’t collect ALL of the items), he asked for another $200 ( which he said he needed for fuel, again, which I’d paid.
    He was asked to go to the house while I went to the real estate and wait there until I’d gotten there. At the time he said he would (as I wouldn’t be more than half an hour.
    As I was driving towards Gympie (2.5 hours away from Moore Park Beach), he rung me to say that he was going to the RTA about the registration on his truck (which he could have done BEFORE or AFTER he’d finished the job).
    When he’d arrived at the new house he’d ring me again, this time to ask whether he could put the items in the carport. He was told no because it belonged to the tenant behind me.
    We’d arrived at the house about 10 minutes later, he’d not only put items in the carport but on the balcony in front of the main entrance of the house.
    His 2 offsiders did the majority of the work whilst he was either eating, drinking (soft drink or water)), or on his phone.
    The offsiders, with me and my sons help, put most of the items in the right rooms. The whole job cost me $1,400. He didn’t even offer to get the other items he couldn’t fit in the truck.
    He’d organised with my old neighbour for him to bring them to me.
    Not only was his whole attitude crap but he was more interested in the money he’d get off me.
    I’d found out later that he’d paid his offsiders $300 between them.
    They’d done over 12 hours of work for a measly $150 each.
    I wouldn’t recommend him to anybody.
    He’ll say one thing and do another thing. I’d also heard that, whilst on the way back to Brisbane that he’d told a new customer that he’d been helping a DV woman get out of her house, which is absolutely crap.
    I’d been given an intent to sell letter. I WAS NEVER fleeing from a DV situation.


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